With the objective of bringing about an incredible impact on the nation by changing the community, Sai Helpage foundation is an assiduous NGO that focuses on restoring dignity and pride amongst the lower social and economic strata of the society. Its goal is to uplift the country by paying scrupulous attention to the hindrances in growth by mobilizing, nurturing, educating and empowering the needy. With the purpose to eradicate illiteracy, poverty, gender discrimination, ignorance, crime and hunger by enabling the poor to be self dependent by providing them with opportunities for education, life-enhancing experiences and art and skill development like leather craft, cosmetology, dress-making, etc. this foundation is doing a laudable humanitarian deed.

The foundation has two major programs viz. urban development and rural development program. Initiatives to ameliorate the condition of the lower strata of society by women empowerment through vocational training, education for children, generation of self help groups and awareness on matters related to health are being undertaken in three colonies of Delhi; Bawana, Holambi Kalan and Jahangirpuri. This is believed to bring about positive impact on lives of around 500 people. In a country where still 70% of the populace resides in rural and semi urban areas, the dream of making India a super power still looks like a hallucination without helping this humungous segment of the society to flourish. Sai Helpage foundation endeavors to revolutionize this prejudiced sector by helping women to take active participation in decision making amongst many other schemes.

Sai Helpage foundation had set up its first office in 2009 with two projects. Today, it has grown to an extent that it even supports a school for mentally challenged children named Educatum. It aims at empowering the destitute by enabling them to help themselves. It provides free medical and educational facilities to the unprivileged. To combat the perilous problem of hunger, this foundation also provides meals at a nominal charge. Another vital responsibility undertaken by Sai Helpage foundation is to facilitate development by generating employment opportunities for the impoverished people. For example, the foundation has helped Deshraj ji to earn a living by helping to set up a tea stall for him. The studentís program is meticulously carried on to the path of success by alluring kids towards discipline and hard work by providing incentives and proper counseling.

The foundation is actively supported by Green Hills group for the project 'Trees for Life'. The joint venture with the state Government for pulse polio program is being a success with the help of funds from corporate and individual. This website also provides details of bank account for those who would like to lend a helping hand by donation. The organization humbly seeks donations for patients who cannot afford the colossal charge of investigations or medications. Other projects like adult age home, family planning and women education are also being diligently worked upon.

Although people are turning solipsist, there is still philanthropy left. Sai Helpage Foundation authenticates the fact that no matter how cynical the world may be, benevolence and compassion continue to exist.